2016 Completed Village

Jan 27, 2016

Welcome everyone to our first entry for 2016.
This year we expect to complete construction of Palmview Village which will be excitingly progressive and reflective at the same time! On December 3rd, 2002 Mayor of Mackay Julie Boyd turned the first sod to commence work on Palmview Village, and now we are nearly there! We presently have 198 units completed and there will be 204 when the last six have been completed, which in turn completes not only the Village structure but also our populated community.

An overview of our population at the moment includes 270 Residents occupying 186 homes. We have 10 homes vacant with one currently undergoing reinstatement.

If you know of anybody thinking of making a lifestyle change for the new year we are always welcoming the opportunity to show off our community and our available homes. For those who like some info before making the “contact” step below are some of our frequently asked Question and Answers.

Who has developed the Village?

Palmview is the culmination of a long held dream of a number of local business people to provide a first class retirement village in Mackay. The developers come from a wide range of backgrounds and have contributed their individual skills and local knowledge to the creation of a village custom made for the Mackay climate and relaxed lifestyle.

How large is the Village?

Presently the Village consists of 198 Independent Living Units, with further expansion planned.

Who is eligible to be a Resident of Palmview?

Residency is open to anyone, working or retired, who is over 60 years of age.

What is provided in the homes?

The homes are of a brick veneer construction. Full floor covering is provided. Homes also have private patios, fans and stylish decors. Excellent storage is provided along with a well equipped kitchen.

Can I make any alterations to my home?

You will find that Palmview Village homes are very well fitted out. If there are some minor alterations or additions you wish to make, Management approval may be sought and you will be responsible for any further maintenance or repairs on these additions and alterations.

Who takes care of my home when I am away?

Palmview Village Management provides you with complete peace of mind when you are away from home. We will keep an eye on your home, lawns kept tidy and exterior maintenance will be kept up to date. We’ll even hold your mail for you if required.

Am I able to rent out my home while I am away for an extended period of time?

You may rent your home to another person who meets the Village’s eligibility Criteria. Management must be informed and give consent in writing. All ongoing fees and charges must continue to be met in your absence.

How is Palmview Managed? Do I have a say in what happens?

The Village Manager is responsible for the daily running of the Village. The Manager is overseen by the Board of Directors. Residents are represented by a Residents’ Committee who meet with the Village Manager on a regular basis. The Manager also has an ‘open-door’ policy and is happy to hear from Residents regarding facilities and conditions within the Village.

How much is the monthly fee for general expenses and services?

Currently, the monthly fee is $403. This charge is reviewed each financial year, or as required, in accordance with the Budget which is determined in consultation with the Residents’ Committee.