The Newsletter

Jul 15, 2015

Welcome to our new online news letter on our new website. We will be using this format as an additional avenue to inform everyone of upcoming events, report on recent events, individual achievements and reminisce on special occasions. We enjoy enthusiastic community interaction here at Palmview Village and this will become another voice in our ‘Village People’ dialogue. Which leads us to ask does our news letter need a name… surely we can rival the old Daily Mercury with a innovative publication title.

For our first news letter we reflected on one of those occasions from a few years ago that caused a quite a stir in our village community and is a credit to those who participated. Many of you will remember the Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs production. Actually we know you do because it still gets brought up regularly!

The costumes were a distinct highlight of the production, with the seven Dwarf wardrobe design still getting special mentions. (Surely Walt Disney would’ve benefited from this level of creativity back in the day.) And our Prince Charming definitely stepped up as a roguish romantic to rival those square-jawed cartoon types, sweeping away our own beautiful Snow White.

Although the Dwarves haven’t been seen again since, there have been rumours of another production featuring another of Disney’s princesses – Cinderella. Can’t wait to see what the wardrobe department do with a pumpkin that changes into a coach!